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Ovarian Cancer Australia: Resilience
Resilience is a free information guide and personal record for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. On the Ball researched, wrote and edited this internationally-acclaimed guide.
Chemmart: Diabetes booklet
This easy-to-read booklet endorsed by Diabetes Australia includes practical health information to help all Australians increase their awareness and reduce their risk of diabetes.
Medical Cosmetic Centre: Hair replacement
Just like skin problems, hair loss is complex and affects self-esteem. This brochure explains how microscopic micrografting can be used to naturally replace hair in men and women.
Natralus Australia: The Paw Paw with more!
This media release for a new Australian Paw Paw ointment was quickly picked up by national magazines and beauty bloggers, resulting in brand-building and new distribution.
Weight loss program: Best ever salmon patties
One of the most popular recipes developed by On the Ball for a customised weight loss program, these crunchy salmon patties taste great even if you don't need to lose weight!
Good Health magazine: YoChee
YoChee is short for yoghurt cheese, a simply delicious and oh-so-good for you superfood you can make at home by draining the liquid from natural yoghurt.
Brauer Natural Medicine: Corporate presenter
This presentation brochure provides an overview of Brauer's rich history and a snapshot of its future as a leading Australian provider of health and wellness solutions.
Endorphin Media: On Shangri-La's doorstep
This vibrant brochure
was written to promote a dynamic video presentation that showcases experiences in and around Shangri-La properties throughout the world.